Master Plan
Kensington Market is one of the most beloved and celebrated neighbourhoods in Toronto. Throughout Kensington's history, it has always been a place where people from diverse backgrounds come together to live, work and enjoy the unique and vibrant market experience.

The people of Kensington-residents, workers and visitors-play a big role in animating the area and defining Kensington's unique character. It is
therefore essential to include the community and its collective experience in the shaping the market's future.

We can't stop change, but we can choose to make the changes that we want. We can channel change in a direction that is suitable for
Kensington Market in the form of a coherent vision, a Masterplan that can adapt to external pressures and requirements while adjusting to the
Market's unique character

That's why the Kensington Market BIA is creating a Public Realm Masterplan that will consider how Kensington's public spaces can work
better for all people who use the market. This could include potential improvements to the Market's streets, sidewalks, laneways, green spaces,
waste management, lighting, parking (bikes and cars), street furniture and more.
The Masterplanning Process
Below are files outlining the masterplanning process from November 2018 as of January 2019
KMBIA- Phase 1 summary_1.pdf
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KMBIA- Public Presentation Panels_1.pdf
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KMBIA- Public Presentation_1.pdf
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Kensington Design Charrette Summary.pdf
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The Masterplanning Team
This fantastic project is possible due to the help of our fantastic team:

SUMO Project:
Project Lead /Urban Design / Art Integration

Gladki Planning Associates:
Public Consultation and Engagement
@Gladki_Planning, @sarauds, @thecrazydames, @nadgalati, @SUMO_Project

Greenberg Consultants Inc.:
Advisor-Urban Design

PMA Landscape Architects:
Landscape Design